A few words about me

I’m a Hungarian composer living in the UK. I’m currently studying Film Scoring in the University of Huddersfield.

Beyond music composition I also have experience in audio engineering in post-production, such as dialog and foley for film.

Mark Fabian

My main values

  • Work in your passion

    I always loved film music, and writing my own music. I soon realized, that writing music and creating something new - whatever the band or the team needed - was even more exciting than music performance. Clearly when you study or work in the field of your passion - it doesn't feel like work at all. It's fun, and it's a challenge at the same time.

  • Serving the band, the team, the film

    I know that talent is the most productive, when we understand the need, and create the exact right atmosphere in the appropriate style of the creative. The sound and music must blend in and enhance the success of the piece. For this reason, I will ask a lot of questions about the story and history of the piece, and the purpose of the creation. Of course I also write pieces of my own just for fun - but enjoy being part of a band, and serving a team just as well.

  • You can count on me

    I do what I promise, and deliver my best work for the agreed time. You can count on me.


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Started university in Huddersfield

I moved to the UK to start university in Huddersfield studying Music and Sound for Image in 2017.

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A Level Music Technology

I studied Music Technology A level course in The British School of The Netherlands.
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Started playing in bands

I started playing in bands around the age of 13, where I’ve developed good skills in teamwork and an understanding in the layering of instruments to produce one coherent piece of music.

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Started to play the piano

I’ve been playing piano since I was 6 and I quickly developed a liking for film and game music. Besides the pieces I had to learn for exams, I asked my teacher to teach me pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others.

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Born in Budapest Hungary