Short history

I was born in Budapest, Hungary, but I’ve lived in several places in Europe including Paris, France and The Hague in the Netherlands due to my mum’s job. I moved to the UK to start university in Huddersfield studying Music and Sound for Image in 2017.

I’ve been playing piano since I was 6 and I quickly developed a liking for film and game music. Besides the pieces I had to learn for exams, I asked my teacher to teach me pieces from Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others.

I started playing in bands around the age of 13, where I’ve developed good skills in teamwork and an understanding in the layering of instruments to produce one coherent piece of music. I started composing music roughly at this time, building on my love for film music. My piano teacher encouraged me that I play my own pieces at concerts.

When I had the opportunity to study Music Technology, a good balance between creative music and technology, I took on the challenge and after finishing secondary school in the British School of the Netherlands, I moved to the UK to start university. I have since worked on short films as sound editor, and have composed music for music libraries in the style of contemporary film music. I also joined the band Funeral Afterparty, a jazz fusion band where I am one of the main song writers.

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